Thursday, June 17, 2010

Census count is needed for ceasing trees or for growing population ?

I am really confused whether caste based census is needed for India . We say India a secular country , proud to call it a country which is having Unity in Diversity . Not surprisingly many of the political parties have secularism as one of the ideologies and never fail to talk about it in election speeches and manifestos . But the fact of the matter is they themselves ask for caste based census and discuss about this in parliament .Ninety percent of the small parties are cropping up today in TN with their caste strength . Vanniyars have started PMK , Udayar's have started IJK , Gounders have started KMP and the list goes on . If caste based census is allowed it will help to start some more caste based parties .

Periyar dreamed of a TN without religion and caste differences . But many in Dravidian party support the caste based census today and believe in forming alliances with these caste based parties . Dr.Kalaignar , an ardent follower of Periyar and Annadurai who started "Samathuvapuram" is looking for an alliance with caste based parties . This reminds me his poem ‘cows with the mask of tiger’. But forget it , I am not here to criticize the functioning of Dravidian parties and their aberration from the Dravidian principles . My question is when most of the parties believe in secularism , why caste based census is needed ? I know a lame reason will be given that caste based attention will be given based on the report , based on the income and status of a particular caste .

Instead of this govt can have just four or five levels based on the income and focus on each group depending on their status . And the most humiliating thing is they will have a discussion on these matters during the questionnaire hour . Caste is a hidden weapon for many people when they have step into politics , cinema , business , sports or or government ( as officials ranging from collector to V.A.O ). When everyone's blood is red , when everyone's sweat is salty and everyone is mortal how caste can add difference to anyone ? According to me, Promoting Caste based census is nothing but providing raw materials to bulid terrorist infrastructure .

Slowly we are feeling the effects of Global warming. After 20 years , I think a 750 ml water bottle will cost more than a 750 ml Blue Label whisky. And all the forests in India will become apartments, flats and plots . Real estate market will boom but at the cost of forests and farms . To my imagination, trees and water may be listed in sensex and Nifty as it will be one of the hot stocks raising steadily and swiftly.

Considering the global warming , scarcity of water and reducing trees we need to have a census count for ceasing trees and not for growing population . For this if caste based count is needed , I will welcome that whole heartedly and the caste which plants maximum number of trees can be awarded and their efforts be applauded . If Caste is a knife please use it to cut vegetables and not to kill innocent people .

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  1. good.. try to write another article supporting Caste that u can articulate views of is an essential quality of Politician..