Monday, June 7, 2010

In the name of Democracy

What is Democracy ? Democracy is a form of government either directly elected by the people or through elected representatives. We are supposed to elect Panchayat presidents, ward members; ward Counselors, District Counselors, M.L.A and M.P’s every time. Elections are being conducted by the hand cuffed, dumb election commission. Why I mean hand cuffed and dumb is they don’t have powers to take action against the ruling parties, whoever it is and even in some places against oppositions who are hooligans but called as politicians.

Are we really electing them? To be honest, it should be called as an auction and not as an election as every party is coming out with loads of corrupted and black money and bids for assemblies and parliament seats. Like every auction, those who bid the highest amount win the battle. Auction amount ranges from Rs.100 to Rs.1000 per vote depending on the election, candidate and competition. Votes are being bought instead of casting. Every party is in a state of mind wherein their ultimate aim is to win the elections and form their own government by corrupted money, hooliganism and caste and religion masks.

As a matter of fact, politics has become a hot business which gives billions of rupees, judicial powers, and a chance to drench in the fame rains and to dance with hotties of filmdom and finally a VVIP status. You may wonder how the white dressed politicians can grab the judicial powers of black coated attorney’s, because the wheel of law is driven by white dressed and not the black ones.

As Annadurai said it has become the last hope of scum people. For the most part it has become the destination point in their life journey. Business, Cinema and Politics were different entities before sometime and now these are like bread and butter , gulab jamun and ice cream , interlinked inseparably especially in temple city , Tamil Nadu . Because of these people, some of the educated and uneducated reformist youths have turned into Maoists . These people’s intentions are right but the approach is wrong. What can be done to stop all this bull shit? Really I don’t have the answer as life is not yuva movie to enter into political scary world and fight successfully against many Madhvan’s and Abhishek bachan’s .

To be honest , even if almighty starts a political party in this sludge system , he will either be losing the elections if he doesn’t have money and muscle power or he will have to corrupt and allow other s too , if he forms a coalition government . These are the hard truths of today’s realistic democracy followed in world’s biggest democracy, India.


  1. Good post da.. IMO, politics is not simple in a country like India. There's just so much to attend to for the administrators and the people in power.. They are lost and don't know what to do.. The simplest thing they can do is do good to themselves.. take care of their own interests.. It's a lot easier you see.. The population is exploding already though it supposedly is our strength right now.. Our policies are not that great and they do not cater to the general public in most cases.. Even if the policies are good, there's no proper implementation and execution.. we've a little too liberal political setup.. a dangerously uncontrolled democracy.. new political parties are spinning off every day like a chain reaction.. each one has its own vested interest.. and our judicial system is really pathetic.. it encourages people to commit offences and crimes either by denying or by delaying justice.. there's so much hooliganism around that the soft spoken, educated, intellectually superior youths are eventually shooed away from the country at one point or other.. if you are selfish, so am I.. you think you can do scams and make money here.. I think that I can get the hell outta here and let you do all the scam.. everyone is following the path of least resistance.. as simple as that..

  2. Thanks a lot da Murali for ur comments . You mentioned very well that soft spoken, educated, intellectually superior youths are eventually shooed away from the country at one point or other . I am one among them though not intellectual and superior . Its really hard to walk in the political path as its full of thorns and gravels .